Among Us Pink X White

Among Us Pink X White. Red says, in disgust, okay you smug asshole black raises an eyebrow an his lips curl to a grin, i'd rather be smug than overall shit as a human being. Pink and white fuck with each other a lot.

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And by colourful, we don’t mean that in the usual sense. Purple is one of the colors in among us that players can select and customize. If white went to crescent academy, he would’ve been eaten alive by the.

Fanfiction Romance Among Us Red Orange Yellow Lime Green Cyan Blue Purple Pink Brown Black White X Reader Don T Ask Sev(Imposter) X Reader Brown Is Gonna Be Referred To As Tree Because That's Usually My Name When I'm The Brown Crewmate.

Red x pink purple x white yellow x black adaptation of our fanfiction. White used as a crewmate in the crewmate information bar. Fuck you, red, stop staring at me you weird twat.

Black's Middle Finger Rises From Underneath The Table, Giggles Arise From Around The Room.

Purple is one of the colors in among us that players can select and customize. We mean it as in, the colours in this game play a. First off, i would like to start by saying as of today my last among us animation has over 1 million views.

Expect Short Updates Because It's Only Snippets Of Our Fanfic.

Remake cuz da old one is ugly as hecc(╥﹏╥)sorry for posting late!i'm gonna make something special for red & black on valentines day( ꈍᴗꈍ)i'm gonna go to slee. White is kind of a grumpy asshole. Purple (among us) orange (among us) brown (among us) blue and cyan are new and everyone bullies them a lil.

Love Among Us [Discontinued] By Babababababababa_ 497 15 7 Red X White Among Us (I've Never Written A Fanfiction So Expect This To Be Hella Shitty)Hope You Enjoy My Strange And.

Killer +22 more # 5. Pink/white (among us) pink (among us) white (among us) romance; Black tolerates blue but he grows on him.

And By Colourful, We Don’t Mean That In The Usual Sense.

An elite fighter with a dark secret. Expect short updates because it's only snippets of our fanfic. A crewmate visually similar to white inside one of the cubicles in laboratory.

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